Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Transformational therapeutic solutions for the treatment of advanced or metastatic breast cancer


Zenopharm is a startup pharmaceutical company founded in 2012 to commercialize innovative oncology therapeutics based on its patented platform technology. Zenopharm is developing transformational therapeutic solutions for the treatment of advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

We are currently advancing ZB716, an oral selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD), to provide clinical benefits to breast cancer patients with metastatic disease. Zenopharm received SBIR Phase I and II awards to conduct IND-enabling studies of ZB716 to move towards a first in human clinical trial.



Guangdi Wang, PhD
Founder & CEO

Dr. Wang has published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, filed 10 patents, and obtained federal and state research funding exceeding $40 million as PI.

Shilong Zheng, PhD
Founder & Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Zheng has over 20 years of experience in medicinal chemistry, particularly in small-molecule drug design and synthesis for development of anti-cancer agents.

Qiu Zhong, MD, PhD
Founder & Director of Preclinical Studies

Dr. Zhong brings a broad background in clinical cancer biology, animal studies, gene therapy, and cancer therapeutics development.


Harri Jarvelainen, DVM, PhD
Toxicology Consultant

Dr. Jarvelainen is an FDA regulatory expert and has over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry as a regulatory affairs development professional, with multi-functional expertise in Regulatory Affairs.

James Bruno
President of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Bruno has over thirty years of experience in developing commercial processes for the manufacturing of intermediates and APIs globally. He is the CMC consultant for Zenopharm and provides oversight on the CMC package for IND filing.

Lucio Miele, MD, PhD
Head of Genetics Department, Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium

Dr. Miele is experienced in translational research and investigator initiated proof-of-principle clinical trials, with a focus on the treatment of breast cancer. Dr. Miele serves as clinical consultant for Zenopharm.

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